The first coding play for children learning with hands, CleverBlocks


Basic Pachage


Contains 1 Main block, 1 Device block, 1 End block, 3 Memory blocks, 3 Move blocks, 2 Rotate blocks, 1 Repeat start block, 1 Repeat end block, 4 Number variable blocks and 2 Angle variable blocks.


Main block

Main block recognizes and passes commands like the head of a computer.

Device block

It decides which device to connect. Besides Ozobot and Dash, CleverBlocks can be connected to various devices.

End block

Mark the end of program after assembling all the blocks.

Memory block

It remembers the blocks connected above. If you connect it to another program, it runs memorized blocks.

Repeat start/end

It repeats the commands of blocks in between.

Move block

It moves the connected device back and forth by the specified distance.

Rotate block

This block makes the connected device to turn left and right by certain angle.

Variable blocks

Set the moving distance, rotation angle and number of repetition.