Learn naturally with hands


Learn the basic programming touching the blocks with hands and develop fine moter skill.

Off the monitor

No need for smart devices, children can learn how to code directly and visually with physical blocks.

Computational thinking

As being able to see the result of programming immediately, kids can understand the basic concept of programming and algorithm.

Logical, creative thinking

As moving robots by the code and finding errors, kids naturally think logically and solve problems creatively.

Color sense

Stimulate the visual sense with various colors touching colorful blocks.


CleverBlocks enables everyone to code in various circumstances and adaptable to any devices.


Basic Package

for Dash / Ozobot Evo

Contains 1 Main block, 1 Device block, 1 End block, 3 Memory blocks, 3Move blocks, 2 Rotate blocks, 1 Repeat start block, 1 Repeat end block, 4 Number variable blocks and 2 Angle variable blocks.

Promo Clip

Family site


An edutech company
(Cleverblocks’ development company)


Content sharing platform for
SW coding education.

Dash & Friends

Coding robot Dash verified in developed countries.
From block-based coding to text-based coding, CUE.